Wine Talks of Sustainability

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A challenge exists to align environmentally sustainable wine production objectives and actions with the short and long term needs of the global wine industry. In response, during the last decade several systems have been developed to help the wine producers to become more sustainable.

Within those systems, prevention-oriented viticulture and wine production concepts and approaches have been developed, tested and, which are being implemented in many individual and in small clusters of wine producing networks. The pro-active approaches, which are helping wine producers to transition to more sustainable wine production systems, are built upon concepts and approaches such as:

a. Sustainable Production and Consumption, b. Pollution Prevention, c. Cleaner Production, d. Integrated Pest Management, e. Organic Viticulture, f. Integrated Production, g. Enhanced Resource Efficiency, h. Renewable Energy-based Systems, i. Supply and Value Chain Optimization, j. Best Available Techniques, k. Environmental Management Systems, and l. Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting.

In this context, we invite authors to prepare and submit extended abstracts by April 17, 2015 via our conference website:

After your extended abstract has been reviewed you will be invited to develop a conference paper that can be based upon case studies or on ‘state-of-the art' literature reviews on sustainable practices either in viticulture and/ or in wine production.

We solicit papers on Initiatives associated with sector-wide sustainability programmes, research and implementation of environmental sustainability initiatives based upon industry-academia cooperation. We hope to receive inputs about ways of helping to ensure continuous improvement for testing, implementing and documenting the effectivity of state-of-the-art technologies and techniques for improving grape growing and wine production. We hope that some authors will address such issues as the advances in sustainable innovations in precision viticulture for optimization of grape production and grape quality.
We also hope to dialogue about ways the industry is dealing with its increasing vulnerability to climate change and how it is planning to address these challenges.

We invite authors to submit extended abstracts designed to help to answer the following illustrative questions:

  1. What are the latest advances in understanding and addressing sustainability in the wine sector? What policies, concepts, products, technologies, tools and initiatives are being used?
  2. What adaptations are being made in the industry to address climate change impacts upon the wine industry and what more needs to be done to mitigate or adapt to those changes?
  3. What have been the main challenges and barriers for changes and improvements in viticulture and viniculture, and how are those challenges being overcome?
  4. What are the perceptions and reactions of wine consumers to changes being made by the wine industry?
  5. What certification schemes exist for sustainable grape growing and wine production, and is there the need for international accreditation? If so, how should that be done and how will that help the wine industry and the wine consumers?
  6. How has ‘production-focused management,’ evolved to address the transition to sustainable grape growing and wine production, and what new approaches are needed to achieve more effective and sustainable progress?
  7. How can we enhance collaboration among research institutions and the viticulture and wine production sectors on regional and global dimensions?

Format and Procedures for Submission of Responses to this Call for Papers

We invite authors to prepare abstracts of 500 words in response this “Call-for-abstracts,’ which are to be prepared in English.

Please submit your abstracts and/or proposals for panel discussions, simulations, knowledge cafés, and other interactive activities, via the conference website:

After the Global Conference, scientific teams of the Global Conference will select the articles to be developed for peer review and for potential publication within one of several Special Volumes of the JCLP that will be developed based upon initial inputs to the Global Conference.

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