Industrial symbiosis and Industrial Park development – lessons from around the world

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Session chairs:
Professor Michele Rosano, SEG, Curtin University
Professor Gen Yong, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Call for abstracts for presentations at the Global Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption Conference: Accelerating the Transition to Equitable, Sustainable Post-Fossil-Carbon Societies, Workshop, “Industrial Symbiosis and Industrial park development – lessons from around the world” to be held in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, Nov. 1- 4, 2015.

Explorations and research has been evolving on Industrial Symbiosis (IE) for over 40 years. Kalundborg, Denmark was one of the first IE projects and it continues to evolve today with a legacy of 40 years.

The Kwinana Industrial area in Western Australia is noted as one of the largest facilitated  IS programs; it has been operating for over seventeen years, The Japanese port of Kawasaki has also been practicing IS since the late 1980’s and more recently the Chinese have been using IS in the development of their Circular Economy models of industrial development.

Many other examples of IS exist and add to the increasing focus on sustainable production and consumption models for industrial development across the world.  We know that IS has evolved into much more than just waste management and includes a variety of functions and methodologies for developing sustainable industrial production activities that also focus on how to minimize and or to prevent wastes from being generated. The importance of sustainability in industrial production and societal consumption is becoming more significant with increasing pressures from rising energy, water and waste management costs, together with the need for increased resource efficiency and material recovery in industrial development, especially in the context of climate change and therefore the urgency to make the transition to equitable, sustainable, post-fossil carbon societies!!

This workshop will provide a forum for sharing up-to-date information on IS development, its impacts and lessons and directions for future sustainable industrial-societal development. The workshop will also provide a valuable networking opportunity for those involved in IS research and development throughout the world. 

This workshop will focus on presenting an international review of current IS activities, lessons from IS initiatives and models for potential IS development. It will also explore sustainability outcomes sought and developed in international applications of IS. Further areas of exploration include:

  • Case studies on IS development
  • Benefits achieved in utilizing IS in industrial park development
  • Challenges for IS development
  • IS in regional planning and urban development
  • Models for IS development
  • Cleaner production and Sustainable Consumption activities in IS
  • Theoretical insights, approaches and synergies with CSR, net regenerative regional sustainable developmental approaches and equitable societal developments
  • Formal Development of an International IS program Network

If you would like to present and or participate in this workshop please submit your abstract to us via Elsevier’s online submission site.
Please also feel free to contact the coordinators personally to help to facilitate networking before, during, and after the Global Conference.  

Conference Authors are also invited to prepare and submit abstracts, of not more than 500 words, in English, by June 30th, 2015 via the Global Conference website:

After the Global Conference, scientific teams will select the conference papers to be developed into full papers of 7500 to 9000 words, for peer review and for potential publication within one of the several Special Volumes of the Journal of Cleaner Production that will be developed based, primarily upon inputs to the Global Conference.

For more information contact:
A.Prof Michele Rosano

Prof. Geng Yong

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