Environmentally Sound Catalysis and Green Processes

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Session chairs:

Professor Xingfu Tang, Fudan University
Professor Zhen Ma, Fudan University
Professor Hong He, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Call for abstracts for presentations at the Global Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption Conference: Accelerating the Transition to Equitable, Sustainable Post-Fossil-Carbon Societies, workshop, “Environmental Catalysis and Green Process” to be held in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, Nov. 1- 4, 2015.

As the concern about global and regional environmental problems grows, environmental catalysis and green processes have attracted wide attention over the last four decades. By these approaches we refer to catalytic and environmentally friendly technologies designed to reduce or eliminate environmentally unacceptable compounds and hazardous substances, and also to provide a potential marketing opportunity of these improved approaches throughout the world.

This workshop will focus on environmental catalysis and green processes to explore the latest progress in concepts, and technologies for sustainable environmental development. Some of the questions to be explored include but are not limited to:

  • (1) What is meant by and what are environmental catalysts and green processes, respectively? How are they better than what is currently being used for such production processes? Are the safer, more materials and energy efficient?
  • (2) How do environmental catalysis and green processes affect the environment, workers, and product users?
  • (3) How can we effectively apply technologies of environmental catalysis and green processes for better, more environmentally friendly development?
  • (4) What are the latest technologies of environmental catalysis and green processes? What are their principles, mechanisms, risks and benefits?
  • (5) What are the main challenges and difficulties for environmental catalysis and green processes being applied in practice at present and in the near future in broad scale, globally?

Authors are invited to prepare and submit abstracts, of not more than 500 words, in English, by June 30th, 2015 via the Global Conference website:

After the Global Conference, scientific teams will select the conference papers to be developed into full papers of 7500 to 9000 words, for peer review and for potential publication within one of the several Special Volumes of the Journal of Cleaner Production that will be developed based, primarily upon inputs to the Global Conference.

For more information contact:
Prof. Xingfu Tang E-mail: tangxf@fudan.edu.cn

Prof. Zhen Ma E-mail: zhenma@fudan.edu.cn

Or Prof. Hong He E-mail: honghe@rcees.ac.cn

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