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The B-Sustainable competition will connect sustainable businesses and start-ups with possible investors at the Global Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption Conference in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain on 1-4 November 2015.

B-Sustainable competition brings together the knowledge and exposure needed to increase investments in the business sector. It is designed to catalyze growth of sustainable businesses that will create positive environmental and social changes.

B-Sustainable for Businesses

Businesses compete for investment opportunities.

The competition is open to businesses in any stage of development, from early stage pre-revenue ventures, to post-revenue growth stage businesses looking to scale-up. There are two separate ranges of investment opportunity: <US$100,000 and >US$100,000.

Importantly, finalists in the completion will have the opportunity to present their business ideas to investors and supply chain partners who are interested in sustainable living and can help their business grow.

As a B-Sustainable competitor, you will:

  • Gain candid feedback from financial and sustainability experts
  • Gain visibility for your business with interested investors, customers and partners
  • Increase the positive impacts of your business
  • Improve your business model and pitch.

B-Sustainable for Investors

Investors gain access to sustainable business investment opportunities.

Importantly, investors will gain early access to credible businesses that have already been vetted by an international team of financial and sustainability experts.

As an investor participating in B-Sustainable, you will:

  • Be invited to hear and see the presentations from over 20 vetted, sustainable businesses
  • Learn about the diversity of business opportunities in the “green” sector
  • Expand your network of experts for due diligence work
  • Connect with sustainability entrepreneurs, institutes, foundations and other investors
  • Make positive contributions to accelerating the transition to sustainable societal development.

Archetypes of sustainable businesses

B-Sustainable businesses proposals can be product &/or service based, oriented to the final consumer (B2C), companies (B2B) or the public administration (B2P).

Participants in the B-Sustainable competition must demonstrate a high sustainability profile and invest-ability of their business proposal. We are looking for significant and tangible advances to accelerate the transition to equitable post fossil-carbon societies.

The following business archetypes can be viewed as a starting point for eligibility in the B-Sustainable competition:

  • Maximize material and energy efficiency
  • Create value from ‘waste’
  • Substitute fossil-fuel use with renewables and natural processes
  • Deliver functionality rather than ownership
  • Build upon a ‘stewardship’ vision and model role
  • Support sufficiency and resilience
  • Re-purpose products for societal/environmental benefit
  • Deliver scalable sustainable solutions to maximise benefits for society and the environment.

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Join B-Sustainable’s network of business leaders, investors and sustainability experts.

Visit our facebook page to keep up to date. More details on the B-Sustainable competition guidelines, assessment rules, important dates and how to participate as a competing business, investor, advisor or expert will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Important Dates:

Publication of rules and application forms: 11 May 2015
Deadline for proposals: 30 June 2015
Announcement of shortlisted projects: 7 October 2015
Presentation of shortlisted projects at the Global conference: 1-4 November
Final results will also be announced at the Global Conference

The B-Sustainable competition is made possible through the generous support of the Global Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption Conference in Barcelona, Spain on 1-4 November 2015

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