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Rodrigo Lozano (Co-chair), Utrecht University

 Anthony Turner

Rodrigo is an Assistant Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University and Associate Editor for the Journal of Cleaner Production. He was previously programme leader of the BA Environment and Business and lecturer in Corporate Sustainability at the Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds, UK. For more than ten years Rodrigo has been working towards Sustainability in NGO's, universities, and corporations. His projects have ranged from chemical leasing, indoor-air quality and energy efficiency, to sustainability assessment and reporting, and to organisational change management. He has developed assessment tools such as the GRaphical Assessment of Sustainability Performance (GRASP), the Sustainability Tool for Assessing UNiversities Curricula Holistically (STAUNCH®) (shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Awards in 2008), and the Graphical Assessment for Sustainability in Universities (GASU™). Rodrigo holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering (graduated with honours) from Monterrey Tec, Mexico; a MSc in Environmental Management and Policy, from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economies (IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden; and a PhD on organizational change management for Corporate Sustainability at Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK. Rodrigo is also the managing director of Organisational Sustainability Ltd. (

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