A fresh and simple choice… walking on water…Prosperity beneath her feet

Angela Mason
Director, Strategic Partnerships, KickStart International, USA

Like the black rhino, hope is an endangered species for millions of African farmers who struggle every day to feed their families.

Women make up 70% of the agricultural workforce, yet they have less access to technology, capital, land rights and education than men.

However, hope is already blooming for a million people whose lives have been forever changed by a simple, low-cost, high quality irrigation pump!

Today only 4% of Africa’s arable farmland is irrigated but 25 million smallholder farmers do have access to shallow water sources.

As the population of Africa continues to grow and climate change means unpredictable rainfall, KickStart International is proving to some of the poorest farmers on earth that prosperity can be theirs. By developing innovative programs to empower and enlighten women farmers, KickStart is breaking down barriers of inequality.

With their new income often increased by nearly 500% these women gain dignity, respect and hope for a better future for their children.

By creating financial independence and food security all year round, marriages and family life are vastly improved.

All the children have a chance at education, improved health and women have more time to spare instead of spending hours collecting buckets of water.

How does the KickStart MoneyMaker pump change lives and save lives?

Angela Mason, Director of Strategic Partnerships for KickStart will share inspiring stories ”From Poverty to Prosperity In Less than A Year.”

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