Global Cleaner Production & Sustainable Consumption Conference

Accelerating the Transition to Equitable Post Fossil-Carbon Societies

1 - 4 November 2015 | Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

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Keynote Presentations

Sunday 1st November 2015

Kitty van der Heijden, Director, World Resources Institute Europe Office, The Netherlands
Speech title: Transforming global societies with the aid of the Sustainable Development Goals: Realistic vision or impossible dreams?

Warren Evans, former Director of World Bank Environment Department
Speech title: Bending the GHG emission curve and achieving wide-scale cleaner production benefits by 2025

Monday 2nd November 2015

Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden
Speech title: Our greatest sustainability problem is a leadership that doesn’t lead

Hans Schnitzer, CItyLABGraz and Graz University of Technology, Austria
Speech title: Towards Smart Urban Systems: "Accelerating the Transition to Equitable, Sustainable, Post-Fossil Carbon Societies."

Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Yvo de Boer, Director General, Global Green Growth Institute, Republic of Korea
Speech title: A step ahead and a way forward to green, inclusive and smart growth

Angela Mason, Director, Strategic Partnerships, KickStart International, USA
Speech title: A fresh and simple choice… walking on water… Prosperity beneath her feet

Dominique Hes, University of Melbourne, Australia
Speech title: Envisioning and implementing net regenerative regional development: Fantasy or evolving reality

Wednesday 4th November 2015

Prasad Modak, Chief Sustainability Office and Dean, IL&FS Academy; Executive President, Environmental Management Centre, LLP
Speech title: Will the pathways to sustainable development be different in developing and developed countries? Do they have to be?

Bill McKibben, Co-founder and Senior Advisor at
Speech title: Winning the climate fight – But fast enough?

Elsevier will host the Global Cleaner Production & Sustainable Consumption Conference to celebrate more than two decades of the Journal of Cleaner Production, with an international scientific team drawn from more than fifty regional and global sustainability networks.

The Global Cleaner Production & Sustainable Consumption Conference is being designed to be holistic, integrative, trans-disciplinary, and trans-sectorial in nature. It will focus on strategic, and preventative concepts and approaches, which are being implemented to speed up the great transition to post-fossil carbon societies, and that are ecologically, ethically, socially, culturally, and economically sustainable.

During this conference, the participants will discuss theoretical and build upon practical concepts, methods, tools, policies, and examples being applied in different contexts (e.g. global warming, chemical pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, water and food security, erosion of social systems, human population growth, and other sustainability challenges).

This Global Conference will catalyze dialogue among leaders from academia, industry, business, government, and non-governmental organizations, to accelerate the application of knowledge, experiences, and examples that are helping families, communities, cities, and regions to make the transition to dematerialized and post-fossil carbon societies.


  • Modifying and replacing current paradigms and lifestyles with those that support transitions to sustainable and equitable societies
  • Transforming education to effectively develop and empower change agents and to foster the application of new sustainable societal paradigms, approaches, tools, and practices
  • Fostering development and application of innovative technologies, management approaches, tools, and educational initiatives to effectively address and combat climate change and to facilitate transitions to post-fossil carbon societies
  • Increasing efficiencies in the use of fossil fuels during the transition phases to societies based upon renewable energy systems
  • Changing business and organizational models to catalyze innovation, and to incorporate and embed sustainability into practices and cultures
  • Developing and implementing governmental policies to support transformations to post fossil carbon societies at local, national & global scales
  • Empowering and engaging all members of society in effecting the transitions
  • Assessing and communicating results of successful societal transition initiatives and thereby, obtain dynamic guidance for ongoing improvement at all societal levels
  • Transforming consumption and production to harmonize those activities to support sustainable societies, which must function within planetary boundaries
  • Fostering implementation of mitigation and adaptation approaches to prevent and minimize catastrophic climate change-related impacts, thereby enhancing societal resilience
  • Understanding and overcoming barriers to change to better facilitate transitions to sustainable, post-fossil carbon societies
  • Integrating theory and practice on a wide range of methodologies, policies and educational approaches for making societal transformations
  • Catalyzing the use of holistic and systems approaches to accelerate transitions to sustainable, post-fossil carbon societies
  • Respecting and building upon cultural diversity, equity and human rights in the paradigm and lifestyle changes to more sustainable societies

Workshops, simulations, games, demonstrations, exhibitions, knowledge cafés and other interactive tools will be used to empower participants to co-learn how to develop and adapt new approaches in diverse cultural contexts. These activities will also help people to develop new networks to collaborate and catalyze the transitions to post-fossil carbon societies.

For further information, to volunteer to help plan the conference, and to provide advice to make the Global Conference much more than just another conference, please get in touch with us.

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